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Prosession Achievement Value

Highfine is the joint venture in China to manufacture pharmaceutical water equipments professionally. The Company adopts the European and American technologies to introduce the world leading manufacturing technology into China and to provide water system equipment that completely meet the requirements of European and American pharmacopoeia. In addition, the Company has international authoritative engineers in pharmaceutical water equipment field. Under this circumstance,the design of each set of equipment,the equipment manufacturing, construction,the quality of authentication service and after-sale service are assured. Highfine is not only the mainstream supplier of the water system equipments in Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

Our struggle objective and the ultimate ideal are to become the leader and mainstream supplier of the water system equipments in global pharmaceutical industry.

ADD:Haimen , Jiangsu Province, China factory town Road 129  TEL:0513-82601128 / 82607893  FAX:0513-82742348
My company mainly produces : Water Treatment Equipment - multi-effect distillation machine  苏ICP备08023495号